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Are you looking for an experienced Level 4 personal trainer and nutritionist here in Basel?

Tell me about your problems and goals. Are you struggling to lose weight? Do you want to build more muscle mass? Or are you just bored of your training routine and therefore looking for a new challenge?

If the answer is yes to one of these questions, I might be the one that that could solve your problems. Through years of experience in fitness, nutrition and selfdevelopment I reached a point where I am able to show you an effective way on how you can achieve your goals regarding your health and diet.

To see if you can get coached by me just fill out the application form below. I will get back to you within 48 hours to arrange a date where we will find out if and most importantly how I can help you.

Create the best version of yourself

The three elements


Do you have certain goals you want to achieve but you are just overwhelmed with all the information out there? I can totally relate to this problem.

There are so many youtube videos, Instagram pages, blogs and Facebook sites which contain a huge amount of information. For us it is hard to tell what really works and what doesn’t.

I help you to implement all this information and show you a step by step plan on how you can achieve your goals in the most efficient way.

Over the couple of years I helped dozens of people to feel better about themselves by simply improving their health and diet.

In case you want me to help you right now, just fill out the application form so that we can get started to improve your life quality.

Seminar – Lunch and Learn

Over the last couple of months I held seminars and ‘lunch and learns’ at companies such as ‘PD&MS’, ‘Sparrows Group Aberdeen’, ‘Read Cased Hole’ etc.

The feedback was always great and the participants enjoyed having enough time to get their specific questions regarding their health and diet answered by an expert.

In case you have an upcoming event on the topic of health and diet or you want to organise a ‘lunch&learn’ for your company, just send me an enquiry through the application form.


Joshua Strub


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