“I have really enjoyed training with Joshua, he has helped me gain confidence in the gym and taught me a lot during our sessions. Joshua ensured each session was challenging enough for me and somehow made it enjoyable too. I have already started noticing improvements in my strength thanks to Joshua.

Joshua is very informative and always answered any questions I had, he clearly knows a lot about health and fitness.

I would highly recommend Joshua as a Personal Trainer!

Carly White

Training with Joshua was always extremely enjoyable, every session learning something new, he always kept me motivated and pushed me to do better, and always proved to me I was so much more capable of going beyond what I thought my limits were.

During my time with Josh I have lost over 2 stone and feel fitter and so much stronger, looking back when we first started the sessions I never knew I could be where I am now in such little time. Even when I found things difficult at the start and lacked confidence he always kept me feeling positive and gave me the belief that I could do things I thought I couldn’t.

I have had experiences with Personal trainers in the past and Joshua is by far the best I have ever come across, his knowledge and his passion for what he does really inspires me to better myself. I have learned so much from him, I now have the confidence, the knowledge and the motivation I need to keep going and achieve my goals, Joshua truly has the patience of a Saint and the belief that anyone can achieve what they think is impossible, if I can do it anyone can, thank you for everything Josh, it has been a fantastic experience and one that I will never forget.

Ross Turner

I started training with Joshua after coming back from having an operation on my shoulder just over a year ago, and what he has taught me has made my overall strength in my arms, shoulders, back & legs phenomenal. In such a short space of time l can perform exercises by myself which l would never have thought possible. He is willing to share his expert knowledge & answer any questions l had even down to my eating habits. I really enjoyed doing the bench press and the rowing machine, as well as doing the deadlifts, they were tough, but he always willed me on to keep going and we got there. Joshua has a way to get the best out of people. I have benefited by becoming STRONGER-LEANER and have a much better posture. We even did train the trainer where l got to be boss which was fun.

Personally, l would recommend Joshua as a Personal Trainer to anyone seeking help with their fitness and physic.

It has been a pleasure knowing Joshua both as a PT and a friend. Although our training sessions came to an end l will keep in touch with him for his expert advice when l need it.

Thank you, Joshua, for all your help.

Been a pleasure working out with you.

Kevin Ross

I have seen Josh for the last 18 months and his sessions are tough but really enjoyable!

I didn’t go to the gym much before but now try and make it at least twice a week and that’s down to the work with Josh.

He always knows how to push me to my maximum so I feel great after every session.

He has also helped with my diet so my whole lifestyle has improved over the last 18 months.

Graeme Stewart

I started training with Joshua after seeing the difference his sessions were making mentally, physically and even emotionally on my husband. We both have busy, stressful lives but sessions with Joshua provide an escape- a tough escape but so rewarding! I was out of shape and nervous about attending a gym but I was quickly put at ease and i built my strength steadily and looked forward to my weekly workout. Even one session a week was making a difference to my muscle tone, my mood and vastly reduced my chronic back, neck and shoulder pain. Not to mention getting my confidence back in going to the gym. Joshua, in my view, is a musculo-skeletal physiotherapist, a mindfulness coach, a yoga master and a fitness guru! Very sad to see you relocate Joshua but wishing you all the success you truly deserve.

Lindsay Wilson

I’ve really enjoyed working with Joshua as a PT and nutritionist as it’s clear to see he actually cares about your health and fitness; which makes him stand out above others in my mind! His knowledge especially in nutrition is unbelievable I’ve learned a lot from him just having casual conversations outside of sessions! Overall 110% recommended Joshua is a great guy and the best PT I’ve ever worked with.

Dennis Darcy

Joshua Strub is one of the most authentic and enthusiastic people I ever met. He guided me through big part of my fitness journey, correcting my bad habits, as well as teaching me plenty new things, showing me that fitness is more than just lifting as heavy weights as possible.

If you are looking for a Personal Trainer that always strives to learn more and knows how to pass his knowledge on to the client, while enjoying every single session and getting the most of it, Joshua is your safe bet.

Bartek Zacharkiewicz

Joshua had just started as a PT in my gym and approached me asking if I would like a free session with him. I’m not normally the sort of person that would want a PT but thought would give it a go and see how it went. Joshua was very approachable, really helpful and pointed me in the right direction with the correct form for lifting weights. He gave me a copy of an upper/lower body split workout and gave me aims to progress further. After the free session Joshua did not push for me to book any further sessions like other PT’s and told me that I don’t need a PT as he was happy with how I performed. His approach and easy to speak to manner made me take a couple more sessions to go over some other exercises. I even went to a seminar that Joshua held and found it extremely informative and learned a lot from it. I would highly recommend Joshua as :

He managed to help me reach my goals at a time I was hitting a plateau

Polite and easy to get on with

Pays attention the whole time focusing on every rep you do

Feels like he does it not just for money but for the satisfaction of seeing his clients achieve their goals

Graham Saunders

My name is George and Joshua was my trainer for over a year while he was based in Scotland. It really was a pleasure to train with him as he is not only very knowledgeable, but is also friendly and approachable. I would say that he motivated rather than pushed me to do my utmost during our sessions. Sessions were never a walk in the park and I certainly had to increase my effort level with him, but he always seemed to know just how much to ask of me, not too little nor too much.

During sessions Joshua is always very particular about exercise form, and has thankfully stopped me doing a couple of things (that I had been doing for years), that put me at risk of injury. He has given me advice on how to avoid or mitigate some of the aches and pains that come along with age!

I’ve benefitted from some significant increases in strength in both upper and lower body, and I’m also now considerably leaner having shed about 10Kgs through mostly weight training with Joshua and some additional cardio/general exercise on my own. Joshua has now provided me with a program to work on, and left me with the knowledge and confidence to go it alone, with so many tips and pointers on exercises, form, diet etc.

If anyone is thinking of engaging a personal trainer, then I can wholeheartedly recommend Joshua. He will plan your fitness sessions/regime; He will track your progress and give you plenty feedback. He will motivate you; He will help you with your diet; He will update and refresh things so you don’t get bored; and your gym sessions with and without him will be much more productive and rewarding as result.

George Glover

I loved training with Joshua because he was so upbeat and inspiring. Even if I’d had a terrible day and was exhausted already he would be there with a positive attitude, a listening ear and the best exercises to improve my mood and get the best out of me. His workouts were always fun, combining usual routines with unusual instruments so you never got bored, and also got right to the point and had me aching for days (in a good way). He got me developing muscles I didn’t know existed, and even a 30 minute session left me feeling like I’d been at the gym for hours! They also felt very personalised to me and my goals. I had an injured knee and he really helped me develop strength around that area to support it. Joshua focuses a lot of form and technique which really gave me the confidence to perform the exercises on my own without fear of injuring myself again. I am much stronger now and have a killer core, all thanks to Joshua. I never thought I would be able to do half the exercises he got me doing, and would 100% recommend him to everyone.

Kirsty Baxter

I have started my gym experience several years ago and it is only when Joshua approached me and gave me instructions I have started enjoying the gym and seeing results very quickly. Joshua is very professional and patient, sessions with him were demanding but in a positive way. His attention to details, correct workout techniques and bespoke program prepared for my needs led me to make significant improvements in my body transformation but also in my self confidence, improved my moods and gave me a lot of energy.

Joshua also prepared a meal plan for my needs and my busy lifestyle. I understood thanking to him the importances of different nutritions required in my diet but also resting and sleeping patterns. I achieved incredible results physically but also became happier and much healthier person. I would definitely recommend Joshua to other people, I believe he is gifted with his professional approach and skills. If he could contribute in my body transformation, he can do it with everybody. He is an expert in training and approach to people.

Rini Boyd

I would highly recommend Joshua as a Personal Trainer. Stating the obvious it is a very personal service where trust, professionalism and loyalty are key things and I would certainly give a 5 star review for Joshua. He has encouraged me to get a balance of relaxation and taught me the importance of stretching and flexibility. Regarding fat loss he changed my body appearance and showed me that it doesn’t just come down to the weight on the scale but the overall body composition.

All in all a good investment for anyone wanting a professional and educated Personal Trainer.

Craig Wilson

I recently had the opportunity to have my first ever PT session with Joshua.

Right from the start his enthusiasm and professional approach really helped make me feel at ease. He taught me various exercises and techniques that have completely changed the way I work out!

I know feel confident in my routine and progress my only regret is that I didn’t insist his training sooner!

Whatever your goal is whether its to loose weight or bulk up or tone Joshua will tailor make your workout to fit your personal requirements even working with you closely on dietary plans to maximise progress! Don’t delay join today!

Gideon Harmsworth

Joshua is an excellent trainer, his superb knowledge and understanding coupled with his exacting attention to detail ensures a thorough and thoughtful approach to creating efficient and  effective training plans. This enables him to know how and when to push you to achieve your very best. Following major illness Joshua patiently helped me to regain and develop my strength and stamina changing my approach to, and quality of life. Thank you Joshua! 

Chris Gray